FREE TRAINING with Natalie MacNeil & Maggie Patterson


Starting Monday October 26th

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Natalie MacNeil
Founder, She Takes on the World

Maggie Patterson
Content Strategist & Copywriter 

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During this Four Part FREE Training You Will Learn:

  1. DAY ONE
    The positively critical role that CLARITY plays in building your small business into something BIG. Natalie & Maggie share where you need to get clear and exactly how to go about finding the clarity you need to succeed. 
  2. DAY TWO
    Why your words matter and creating COPY that communicates your message effectively with your would-be customers is a must. Copy is one area that's easy to dismiss, and we'll share our pro copy secrets with you to make creating copy that's effective so much easier. 
  3. DAY THREE                                                                                                              The secret weapon we both use in our business - CONVERSIONS. What they are, why they matter and how to actually track them - even if you hate numbers. (Hint: Neither of us are math lovers but we love conversions.) 
  4. DAY FOUR                                                                                                               The #1 thing we both credit with growth and ongoing success - COMMUNITY. Creating it in your business and how to find the right people and places to connect. 
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